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28 08, 2018

Common mistakes software testers need to avoid about test coverage

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Software testing is key to improving the quality of the software product built by developers. Testing is a vital phase that contains a set of essential actions implemented on a given software to ensure that that the final product that appears at the end of development cycle has uncompromised performance and perfection. With software testing being so significant, it is important to consider that testing process must involve rigorous test cases and firm strategy that is worthwhile. What testers perform [...]

10 08, 2018

Dart’s not all Folks – There is more to flutter about .

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If you're in the app making business you have already heard and known about Flutter . My last article has also emphasized a lot about Flutter  - read here.   It’s a relatively new, supposedly simple framework designed for making cross-platform native apps, we are in the Flutter phase right now I wanted to understand more about it and also about developers using the platform.  Most of them couldn't stop emphasizing how productive it is and also their newly found love for [...]

7 08, 2018

Why human potential has not been utilised well in software testing?

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Though it may first appear just an easy niche for software developers, software testing is an expansive subject that holds within it a lot of importance and value as it determines the quality aspect of the product. This is why the proper use of technology is as crucial in testing phase as it is during software development phase. It is also undeniable that both preventive and proactive software test efforts require a versatile set of skills, technical specialization and project-specific [...]

1 08, 2018

Things to remember while performance testing

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Sitting back at home, relaxing and chatting with your friend on Whatsapp.Nice! Oh did you notice the update on Whatsapp- the one where you know which message has been forwarded. That's quite tricky, makes things a lot more complicated. The point being that little update that you see was probably much more complicated before it got to your screens. It was thought about, developed, and tested - Tested a lot probably. We are going to do a series about testing scenarios [...]