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30 06, 2018

Fragmentation in Mobile App Testing and more .

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The mobile device market, Smartphones, Tablets,etc., is growing exponentially thus making the  developers strive to deliver most robust, scalable applications with quality assurance. Every device platform creates a unique testing environment challenging the mobile application developers to follow different testing strategies. This can be quite interesting for many , as they come across a new challenge every time.We are talking to Riyas Ahamed to understand his view on testing . How did Mobile App Testing interest you ? Testing is [...]

22 06, 2018

Challenges in Mobile App testing in the last decade.

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I still remember my first phone while I was still in college , my own nokia. I could listen to the FM, play snake and also obviously use it for phone calls . From then to now my I phone does a lot more for me. How this entire industry has changed in the past one decade has been phenomenal .These change created lot of opportunities and challenges for online businesses and application developers. In turn we also so saw [...]

17 06, 2018

Batman would like to have you in Gotham – Meet Gaurang Shetty.

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Things to do when you are in your 20's. Be the CEO of an incubation design lab Be the first to set up a FAB LAB Start the first DIY Bio Lab get it supported by CBA-MIT USA. Get titled Changemaker by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Be the Head of Facebook - Developer circle Mumbai. Be the biggest Batman Fan. Quite sure this is not on your list to do when you are in your 20's. This, however, is few [...]

3 06, 2018

Understanding Enterprise Mobile Apps: A Citrix perspective

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We knew it was coming the moment we saw smartphones taking over our daily lives, it was a matter of time that business took absolute advantage of this technology and stormed ahead. We spoke to one of the pioneers in the business - Providers of enterprise apps. In conversation with the team in Citrix India. This is a brief understanding of enterprise apps. What are enterprise apps? An enterprise application is a business application, obviously. As most people use the [...]