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29 08, 2017

An App for the students and by the students.

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College days are probably one of the most memorable days of anybodies life. The most important decisions of our life our taken at that period (what course to study ?Making friends for life,Where to party etc). An integral part of our curriculum was based on projects or lets just call it a way to spend a night at a friends place ,talking the entire night and just before dawn breaks we think about the actual reason for jamming at the [...]

25 08, 2017

Optimizing Android UI

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Android does a lot of things to show what you are seeing on the screen. What users are seeing is code. Code talk to different system hardware and libraries to make things what it should look like on the screen. The challenges aren't any less of the same. Android apps are designed to run at 60 FPS but are the apps running at FPS? What it means not to render at FPS. Before we jump into the problems and possible [...]

25 08, 2017

Does the perfect testing tool exist ?

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Mobile Applications are sometimes like the perfect dish(here we go , the foodie in me talks again but hear me out). The perfect dish usually never has the right recipe, its all according to the person who makes the dish. This dish goes through a lot of processes till it becomes so perfect. So the maker adds her  ingredients and tests it all until she believes what works for her and the dish(this ingredient later becomes the ‘SECRET’ ingredient.) The [...]

18 08, 2017

Here are few reasons why your app crashes

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One of the problems that are being solved in 100s every month by developers. The core reason why an app could lose a potential user. Most wanted and the nightmare of developers, business. Here are the top reasons why an android app crashes: Unstable network conditions Observed phone's heating while traveling? Observed that app fails to retrieve data while switching between networks? Devices are extremely powerful nowadays and tend to switch between networks but it's not the same case with [...]

18 08, 2017

Optimizing Memory for Android Apps

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Developing an app which is memory and battery friendly is very rare. Memory is very limited for an app in android. One of the core reasons which makes memory very precious is due to different device specifications, various ways of writing a code. Memory leaks and usage are very visible to the users like scrolling, switching between apps, crashes etc., Let's get started! Here are some quick tips to optimize Memory: User memory efficient data structures such as SparseArray ( [...]

12 08, 2017

“Where is the Parcel Sir” – Finally has an answer. Thank You Teliver .

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Have you seen the pizza delivery guy on the road , he rushes in the top most speed possible to reach you on time(How you secretly wish at times that he is few minutes late for that free pizza). He is still on time everytime. Arrives exactly at the 30th minute. So 'ta na na na na , no pizza aye free' . On demand, delivery can be really nerving wrecking at times . To ease out this process four [...]