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30 06, 2017

Should you give up? A powerful story of Michael Allwyn!

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I was talking to a friend of mine from Chennai yesterday, we spoke about Kids, GST, Home furnishing, Recipes, Mother in laws and all that and also about the article I was writing. The article about three Loyola college friends who started a company in Kasimedu, Chennai. This friend of mine instantly said “ Kasimedah" (typical Tamil style ), please be BFF with him, he can supply you some really fresh fish”. Mallu fish lover in me said “Noted”. This [...]

28 06, 2017

Being one of the Top App developers of Bengaluru

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Mobile application development is a hot topic that’s about to reach the horizon. With a prediction of 6.1Billion smartphone users by 2020, there has been an overwhelming progress in the field for startups and enterprises in this sector. Yet just a few make it to the top few trusted ones. One of those who stood out in the crowd was 'HummingWave Technologies'. Top Award Winner They have been listed in the CLUTCH ' TOP APP DEVELOPER LIST IN BENGALURU 2017. Bengaluru [...]

27 06, 2017

What fundoo engineering teams fail to get about app testing

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I am writing this post to those who are fundoo. They are elite. They are either VP Engineering or QA Head who mostly think QA means writing test code. Mostly. Not completely. I am no coding expert to teach people how to write robust code - be it product code or test code. That disqualifies me from advising them how to do their job. I have found them to be hard to convince people unless you talk code. I can't convince [...]

26 06, 2017

Story of testing memory

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  AppAchhi’s strong determination towards making mobile automation smart and performance orientated is how we are adding value to our customers. Taking automation just beyond automation will help to test and to see a new dimension of test automation. One of our customers is going live with the app in a couple of weeks. They desperately wanted a tool or a platform that could give them confidence about the app. When the first report was sent! The team quickly wanted [...]

24 06, 2017

Starting a start up when you are 25 , Learn How here.

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Young entrepreneurs , fresh faces out from the best B Schools in India, we have all heard those stories. These stories have inspired us , made us believe that this generation is definitely going ahead . Moving away from the otherwise normal routine of safe career choice, high paying jobs these guys have certainly  taken the risk of starting up their own company in different sectors . What next? Let us go ahead of that and talk about how they [...]

20 06, 2017

How to catch bigwig clients for your company sooner !

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Picture this – You are an entrepreneur and this is your clientele Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Vodafone, Sun TV, Spicejet,, Timesgroup, Red/Suryan FM etc. You have almost touched all the domains in the industry. All this within a short span of time. Oh how your competition envies you! Well I would be really envious if I had such a competitor. Meet Mr Pandiarjan Subburam - The man who achieved this astounding achievement . He is the driving force and brain  [...]

2 06, 2017

NETFLIX V/S HOTSTAR: The final verdict – Chi style!

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  Web series seems to be the most in thing now. Gone are the days we would sit with a huge television set and toss between DD channels. Today things in this medium have changed drastically; from the technology used to watch  them to the size of them. Content and channels have broadened up . Not that I don’t miss my malgudi days in the big box, but today watching the latest sarabhai season 2 on  my phone makes it [...]