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23 01, 2017

Going wrong with pricing to get it right

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Pricing is one of the hardest things in every founder's journey. A particular price attracts one kind of customers and shoos away others. Why are we complicating it? We may not know the unit to price. We go wrong with the unit - we price the wrong thing. We think we know our costs. As costs shoot up - our pricing can look weak to ourselves. We want to make and X profits per sale. This conflicts with what customers [...]

12 01, 2017

Entrepreneurship for men, is the process of understanding a woman

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I can relate everything in entrepreneurship to a woman. I think successful mentepreneurs turn themselves to how a woman would think and behave. Right now - I am having a situation. I have heard woman complaining that they are not getting their periods on time. I am having a similar problem. I am not getting my "flow" of thoughts. I am not getting my flow on time. I know I need to finish some tasks by an x time. I [...]