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Your app is taken in different flows and conditions that matter to be tested


Memory Monitoring

Find why your app consumes more memory and fix it. Right away.



Find and reduce CPU cycles consumed by your app. Simple thing.


Different Networks

Slowest and fastest. Test your app for various network condition

Different Phone

Different Phones

Maximize your device coverage and reduce uninstalls.



Real time conditions that bothers your app. Control and configure your apps environment.


Corner Case

Test and Reproduce corner case scenarios. They are important.



Learn the activity and threads that are crashing your app. Fix fast.


Builds for Regression

Compare your builds and learn your quality trend. Red/Green.

Low ram


Test for Functionality in Parallel to Performance.

Check how apps in your category are performing and take cues to improve your own

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AppAchhi people

Product Owners

AppAchhi knows how to sensitize the eye of a developers drawing the focus of a product owner to the right places in the product. Create test runs without needing to code.


App Developers

Programmers love to code. AppAchhi understands that and makes them focus more on programming and less on analyzing bugs. Highlights: Crash logs, Threads and Activity and between Tracking and Locating the bug.


Testers & QA

Create your own tests. Improve your test coverage. Test across different conditions. Back up your claims with evidence. Test before you Assure.


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